TC BioPharm Announces Key Additions to Scientific Advisory Board, Expanding Cell Therapy Expertise

TC BioPharm (Holdings) PLC (“TC BioPharm” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: TCBP) (NASDAQ: TCBPW), a clinical stage biotechnology company developing platform allogeneic gamma-delta T cell therapies for cancer treatment, today announced the company has completed its scientific advisory board (SAB) to advance new therapeutic trials and establish strategic relationships within the cell therapy sector.

“I appreciate the esteemed members of the SAB joining myself and TCBP in our efforts in building this innovative cell therapy development company,” said Bryan Kobel, Chief Executive Officer. “Cell therapy offers a myriad of opportunities in which to expand our gamma delta platform, and I believe that the breadth of expertise and knowledge represented on our SAB puts us in a unique position to connect with multiple companies across various disciplines in this space.”

“Current advancements within cell therapy represent an exciting leap forward in advancing our ability to understand and treat various blood cancers,” said Dr. Mark Bonyhadi, Scientific Advisory Board member at TC BioPharm. “I look forward to working with these strategic additions to our team as we advance our clinical trials and expand our strategic relationships.”

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Dr. Blythe Sather is the Vice President and Head of Research at Tune Therapeutics. During her 20+ years of experience as an immunologist, she has built pipeline research groups from the ground up and developed several CAR and TCR next-generation products for both hematological and solid tumors.  At Juno, she was instrumental in building the CAR T cell development platform for several multiple myeloma CAR T cell programs. She also led the research collaboration with Editas Medicine to bring CRISPR-mediated gene editing to CAR and TCR T cell products. At Lyell she led two next generation a CAR and TCR programs into the clinic and now at Tune she is working towards building products using epigenetic editing.

Erin Adams is a professor at the University of Chicago and is studying molecular signals that are used by the immune system to distinguish healthy from unhealthy tissue. Many of her projects focus on “unconventional” T cell recognition, Adams’ strengths are in biochemistry, structural biology, protein engineering and cellular assays that will reveal the fundamental principles behind how effector cells of the immune system regulate human disease.

Dr. Chris Bond possesses nearly 20 years of experience working with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including Genentech, OncoMed, Juno Therapeutics, Celgene, and Kite. Dr. He’s led the discovery and preclinical development programs for CAR T and TCR cell therapies targeting solid and hematological tumors. He has led the development of allogeneic cell therapy platforms leveraging T cells from both donor-derived sources and induced pluripotent stem cells. He is an inventor on numerous patents and has published papers in the fields of protein structure and engineering, immunology, and oncology.

Dr Isabelle Riviere PhD. is the Director of the Cell Therapy and Cell Engineering laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where she investigates novel strategies for cell therapies and immunotherapies to increase or retarget the immune response against tumors and treat hematological disorders.  Over the past 20 years, she has conceived and implemented multiple cell manufacturing processes for several Phase I/II clinical trials. Her lab has manufactured more than 500 CAR T cell products and supports multiple CAR T cell-based clinical trials for the treatment of hematological malignancies and solid tumors. She was previously the scientific Co-Founder of Juno Therapeutics and more recently co-founded Mnemo Therapeutics.

Dr. Daniel Olive and his research team integrate efforts in the field of Immunology and immunotherapy on the Cancer Research Center on the campus of the Institut Paoli-Calmettes, the anti-cancer centre of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region. The Department’s scientific activity is focused entirely on immunology dedicated to cancer and chronic viral infections with the aim of developing a continuum leading from theoretical research to diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Dr. Olive’s work involves studying mechanisms used by pre-cancer including viral induced/associated cancers and cancer cells to escape surveillance systems based on the study of the immune deficiency associated to cancer with a major emphasis on innate immunity and co-signaling pathways.

Dr Uma Lakshmipathy, Ph D., is the Head of Patheon Translation Services and cell therapy R&D for Pharma Services Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Her current focus is on developing standardized processes and analytics to support translation of cellular therapies towards cGMP manufacturing.  She has a strong foundation in cell biology and stem cells with prior experience in the development of clinical-grade reagents and processes, viral and non-viral cell modification methods and, analytical platforms for comprehensive cell therapy product characterization.

About TC BioPharm (Holdings) PLC

TC BioPharm is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of gamma-delta T cell therapies for the treatment of cancer with human efficacy data in acute myeloid leukemia. Gamma-delta T cells are naturally occurring immune cells that embody properties of both the innate and adaptive immune systems and can intrinsically differentiate between healthy and diseased tissue. TC BioPharm uses an allogeneic approach in both unmodified and CAR modified gamma delta t-cells to effectively identify, target and eradicate both liquid and solid tumors in cancer.

TC BioPharm is the leader in developing gamma-delta T cell therapies, and the first company to conduct phase II/pivotal clinical studies in oncology. The Company is conducting two investigator-initiated clinical trials for its unmodified gamma-delta T cell product line – Phase 2b/3 pivotal trial for OmnImmune® in treatment of acute myeloid leukemia using the Company’s proprietary allogenic CryoTC technology to provide frozen product to clinics worldwide. TC BioPharm also maintains a robust pipeline for future indications in solid tumors as well as a significant IP/patent portfolio in the use of CARs with gamma delta t-cells and owns our manufacturing facility to maintain cost and product quality controls.

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