Best Startup Scotland aims to be at the heart of a growing Scottish ecosystem of innovative startups.

We showcase the best of Scottish business and innovation to an international audience.


  • Promote the greatest Scottish companies, businesses and innovations on the global stage.
  • Drive inbound foreign investment into Scottish startups and businesses.
  • Encourage Scottish businesses to lobby for policies that will boost the Scottish economy.
  • Provide a platform for Scottish businesses to collaborate & share expertise and knowledge.

Invest in Scotland

Scotlands has always been a great place to do business.

Frictionless access to English, Welsh and Northern Ireland’s markets make Scotland a powerful regional and international player in the startup space.

Venture capital (VC) investment in Scotland’s scale-up businesses more than doubled in 2021, as global investors continued to look beyond London.

Peter A Walker – Insider

How do we help Scottish business?

We help boost the Scottish business strategy by:

  • Encouraging inbound foreign investment into Scottish businesses.
  • Showcasing breakthrough Scottish innovation & development.
  • Highlighting and providing a platform to SME’s and Startups to gain coverage.

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