Fayre Play: A Start-up Success Story Redefining Hospitality in Scotland

In the dynamic landscape of Scottish start-ups, Fayre Play has emerged as a shining example of innovation, customer-centricity, and rapid success. Launched by co-owners Craig and Kasia Neilson in early 2023, Fayre Play has not only captured the hearts of its customers but has set new standards for hospitality in Scotland.

Breaking Records from Day One:

Since its launch, Fayre Play has achieved remarkable milestones. Opening in Glasgow in March and swiftly followed by an Edinburgh venue in July, the brand has welcomed more than 40,000 customers through their doors within the first few months. These figures are a testament to the appeal of Fayre Play’s unique offering.

Innovating in Competitive Socialising:

Fayre Play’s success lies in its innovative approach to socialising. Transitioning from a traditional Crazy Golf venue to offering adult funfair games, the brand has carved a niche for itself. This shift not only differentiates Fayre Play from competitors but also resonates deeply with its target demographic, bringing a breath of fresh air to the entertainment & hospitality scene.

Building a Supportive Workplace Culture:

Craig and Kasia have not only focused on providing exceptional experiences for their customers but have also prioritised creating a positive workplace culture. Their commitment to paying above the national living wage, offering unique benefits such as an extra day off on team members’ birthdays, and providing free food, games, and drinks for team members and their friends/family has fostered a loyal and motivated workforce.

Community Engagement and Sustainability:

Fayre Play isn’t just about having fun; it’s about community engagement and sustainability. The brand has consistently donated to local charities, including over £500 to local causes during PRIDE month. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability is evident in their eco-friendly venue designs and sustainable sourcing practices, aligning with the growing demand for socially responsible businesses.

Awards and Recognition:

Fayre Play’s success has not gone unnoticed. In a short space of time, the brand has been crowned Best Emerging Entertainment Destination Company in the 2023 Scottish SME Awards, shortlisted for 2 accolades in the prestigious Glasgow Business Awards – Best Family Business & Innovation In Business – with Co-Founder Kasia also a finalist in the Women’s Business Club Awards as Startup of the Year. These nominations highlight the brand’s impact on both the entrepreneurial and business landscape in Scotland.

In less than a year, Fayre Play has redefined the entertainment & hospitality experience in Scotland. With its unique offering, commitment to community engagement, and a supportive workplace culture, the brand is poised for continued success.

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