Quorum Cyber Pioneers the Future of Cybersecurity with AI at Black Hat USA 2023

Microsoft partner showcases advanced cybersecurity services and innovative AI applications in risk mitigation

Key Takeaways:

  1. Quorum Cyber to discuss groundbreaking AI applications in cybersecurity at the Black Hat USA 2023 conference.
  2. The company’s Solutions Director, Ricky Simpson, is set to present a session on “Generative AI for Risk Mitigation.”
  3. Quorum Cyber showcases its Microsoft Sentinel MDR service, leveraging its robust relationship with Microsoft.
  4. Quorum Cyber’s commitment to offering advanced cybersecurity services remains steadfast as they strive to fortify organizations against evolving cyber threats.

Quorum Cyber: The Guardians of the Digital Landscape

Founded with a commitment to helping organizations stand strong amidst the increasingly hostile digital landscape, Quorum Cyber has rapidly grown into one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the U.K. They serve over 150 customers across four continents, committed to protecting teams and organizations from the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks.

Quorum Cyber stands out as a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and a proud member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). Their strong relationship with Microsoft underlines their capability to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity services and innovative solutions.

A Joint Journey with Microsoft at Black Hat USA 2023

Quorum Cyber’s partnership with Microsoft goes beyond collaboration. The company’s participation in this year’s Black Hat conference, a prestigious event that brings together the best minds in cybersecurity, reaffirms this alliance. Sharing a booth with Microsoft at this prominent event, Quorum Cyber aims to further evolve its Microsoft Sentinel MDR service.

The event will feature over 100 selected briefings, open-source tool demos, and extensive networking opportunities. As a testament to Quorum Cyber’s innovative solutions, Microsoft has previously named the company a Finalist in its Security Services Innovator award category. Additionally, the company’s founder and CEO, Federico Charosky, was recognized as a Security Changemaker Finalist.

Harnessing Generative AI for Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Taking center stage at the Black Hat event, Ricky Simpson, Quorum Cyber’s Solutions Director, will conduct a session titled “Outmaneuver Insider Threats: Generative AI for Risk Mitigation.” This illuminating session will delve into the application of generative AI in analyzing user behaviors and business policies to derive valuable insights that can help mitigate risks.

Simpson will delve into real-world examples demonstrating how natural language processing can analyze activity data from multiple signals. The session will showcase how integrating generative AI within processes can identify anomalies and patterns, indicative of insider threats.

Ricky Simpson expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “Quorum Cyber’s presence at Black Hat USA 2023, alongside our Microsoft relationship, reinforces our commitment to fortify organizations against ever-evolving cyber threats. We’re eager to showcase the evolution of our Microsoft Sentinel MDR service and explore the power of generative AI in mitigating insider risks during my speaking session. I look forward to meeting with fellow cybersecurity experts to discuss the latest methods of safeguarding the digital landscape.”

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