Sassenach Gin Launches in the USA

Sassenach Spirits, the spirits company founded by Scottish actor and philanthropist Sam Heughan, announces the arrival of The Sassenach Wild Scottish Gin in the United States. Sassenach Gin captures the fresh, balanced, and authentic taste of Scotland’s vibrant wild nature with a wealth of unique botanicals including heather, wild Scottish apples, Scots pine, and more. Sassenach Gin, rolling out to fine retailers as well as cocktail bars and restaurants, is distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, with a suggested retail price of $39.99 for 750ml bottle (42%ABV).

Heughan, was inspired by the flavors native to the glens, forests and mountains of his homeland. Clean, fresh and vivid notes of apples, berries and juniper are gently balanced with savory undertones of rhubarb and toasted oats. Pine and floral heather accents evoke the aromatic natural heritage of Scotland.

“Sassenach Gin is truly a celebration of Scotland, our nature, our heritage, and our wonderful flavors,” shared Heughan. “We used botanicals that are synonymous with Scotland and some with which people may not be familiar. The result is a clean, radiant, and delicious spirit that makes for excellent cocktails to share with friends.”

“For me, the perfect way to experience Sassenach Gin is what we call the Perfect Serve: a simple Sassenach Gin and tonic, garnished with a slice of fresh green apple,” added Heughan. “These amazing flavors combined and lifted up by a simple tonic water, you have a flavor experience reflecting the best of Scotland.”

Sassenach Gin joins the Sassenach Spirits portfolio, which includes the award-winning Sassenach Whisky ($119.99 per 750ml; 46% ABV), a blended Scotch whisky with distinct character and smooth flavor, founded by Heughan. Sassenach Gin is currently rolling out in the United States and available at liquor stores, bars and restaurants, as well as online spirits retailers. For more information, please visit

About Sassenach Spirits

Sassenach Spirits is a division of the Great Glen Company, which was founded by Scottish actor and philanthropist Sam Heughan and American entrepreneur Alex Norouzi. The brand produces premium spirits, which has presented limited release runs for the past two years – quickly selling out each batch and winning multiple prestigious industry awards and medals.

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