MP Visits Scottish Company, epipole, to Discuss Benefits of Venture Capital Investment, Exporting Locally Manufactured Devices to the USA, and Community Outreach Projects

epipole, a local specialist optical imaging device manufacturer, had a very special guest visit recently. Facilitated with support from the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), and introduced by SyndicateRoom, the Member of Parliament for the area, Douglas Chapman, came to tour the facility and discuss the impact of venture capital investment with the company’s leadership team, how this has helped drive international growth, and to introduce a number of local government initiatives.

During his visit, MP Chapman was impressed with the way epipole has not only been able to survive through the difficulties of the pandemic, but has grown into a strong challenger brand in the competitive US Ophthalmic Diagnostic industry with their flagship product, the epiCam. A significant factor in the company’s success has been thanks to the venture capital investment from investors who could see the potential of the company.

MP Chapman believes that epipole has become a shining example of what can happen when a local Scottish company is given the right kind of backing:

“epipole is a great example of what can happen when innovative ideas are paired with the right kind of financial support,” he said, “This company has been able to take its ideas and turn them into a thriving business that is not only providing local production and manufacturing jobs, but is exporting to the USA too, and supporting the local community with initiatives such as the Career Ready programme. This kind of outreach work is an excellent example of giving back locally and investing in future skills and training.”

But epipole is not content to rest on its laurels. The company is committed to bettering the local community through support and outreach programs. In particular, its leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of its success are felt by everyone in the community:

“We believe that as a successful company, we have a responsibility to give back to the community,” said Sarah Jardine, CEO of epipole. “That’s why we’re committed to supporting local schools, community organisations, and other initiatives that we have discussed with Douglas, that will help make our community a better place to live.”

“This has been a great visit for everyone involved.” Says Sarah “We’re looking forward to continuing to grow the business and our export work, whilst also expanding our local community support even further with the additional initiatives and projects that Douglas has introduced us to – the whole team are very excited and can’t wait to get started!”


epipole is a Scottish med-tech company with a proud history of excellence in the engineering and manufacturing of high-performance optical imaging devices (fundus cameras)

Founded by Dr Craig Robertson, who witnessed first-hand his grandmother’s rapidly deteriorating sight from diabetes, epipole was formed with a mission – the eradication of preventable blindness!

To this end, they have recently developed and launched the latest epiCam device: their cutting-edge, hand-held retinal imaging camera, capable of taking high-resolution still and video imagery of the living retina.


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