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Revolutionizing the Payment Landscape: BR-DGE Shifts Power Back to Merchants

Edinburgh-based BR-DGE is shaking up the payment industry with its innovative payment orchestration platform. The company was founded by Brian Coburn with the mission of making payments simpler, more flexible, and giving merchants greater control over the end-to-end payment journey.

In today’s complex payment landscape, customers have high expectations for seamless, streamlined experiences. Unfortunately, the existing payment infrastructure often fails to deliver, leading to frustration for both merchants and consumers. BR-DGE aims to change that by providing a platform that allows merchants to take control of their payments, consolidating reporting and enabling them to innovate quickly.

At the core of BR-DGE’s platform is payment orchestration, a technology that brings together all of the different components involved in a payment transaction. This includes payment gateways, processors, fraud detection systems, and more. By integrating these components into a single platform, BR-DGE makes it easier for merchants to manage their payments, reducing the risk of errors and simplifying the process.

BR-DGE’s platform is also incredibly flexible, allowing merchants to choose the payment methods that work best for them. This is particularly important for merchants operating in countries where certain payment methods are more popular than others. With BR-DGE, merchants can offer customers a choice of payment options, improving the likelihood of successful transactions.

One of the key benefits of BR-DGE’s platform is its ease of integration. The company has made sure that its platform is simple to use, so merchants can get started quickly and without any hassle. This is especially important for smaller merchants who may not have the technical expertise to integrate complex payment systems. With BR-DGE, merchants can start accepting payments within a matter of hours.

BR-DGE is operating in a rapidly evolving market, and the company is always looking for ways to improve its platform and stay ahead of the competition. For example, the company is exploring the use of cryptocurrency in payments, which could bring a whole new level of flexibility and security to transactions. This is just one of many initiatives that BR-DGE is working on to ensure that it remains at the forefront of payment technology.

In conclusion, BR-DGE is a company that is poised to revolutionize the payment industry. With its innovative payment orchestration platform, BR-DGE is giving merchants the power and control they need to deliver seamless payment experiences to their customers. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, BR-DGE has something to offer. So if you’re looking for a payment solution that is flexible, easy to integrate, and delivers results, look no further than BR-DGE.

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