Being a founder can be very lonely, you can often feel like you are alone in your quest to better the world. Our mission at is to give a friendly accessible platform to the key stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

We offer FREE interviews to all founders in Scotland. The process is simple and easy (taking under 10 minutes) and in return for writing a little about your journey, you’ll get an interview published on our platform (sometimes as well as and the article promoted on our newsletter & social media profiles.

If you are a founder, we want to interview you. Getting interviewed is a simple (and free) process.

To complete an interview you will need to put aside 10 minutes to fill in the interview form. 10 minutes of a founders time is a rare resource, and so our editors do their best to publish as many interviews as are submitted.

Previous Interviews:

Feel free to explore some previous interviews we have published. Click here.

Founders: Why be interviewed?

We help startup founders get their message across, boost the profile of their company and drive sales.

Startup founders have to take on multiple roles and the expertise they gain in their startup journey is extremely valuable to both themselves and future founders.

We want to give you a (free) platform to share your expertise, inform the market what your goals are and most importantly promote yourself and the important role you play in the ecosystem.

How does the process work?

  1. Click the interview link here.
  2. Provide answers to the interview questions in the form (make sure you proof read and are happy to have them published).
  3. Click submit and our editor will review the content.
  4. Once the interview is approved, we will email you a link to the article.