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Amp X and Smartcar partner to bring smart charging to EV owners to lower energy bills, while making the grid more flexible

Amp X, a division of Amp Energy, has partnered with Smartcar to offer smart charging management solutions to electric vehicle (EV) owners who want to save money and reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort while allowing the grid to be more flexible. This partnership follows a successful integration of the Smartcar’s technology into the Amp X behind-the-meter energy management system, which was recently deployed within the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) Living Lab.

The Amp X behind-the-meter digital energy assistant (DEA), Alice, manages EV charging through a combination of machine learning, advanced data analytics, and a decentralised control architecture to help consumers take advantage of low-cost, low-carbon energy, as well as participate in demand-side-response opportunities. Through the Amp X platform, EV owners are empowered to make the grid more flexible.

Alice is one of several Amp X offerings catered by its digital energy platform. The ultimate goal of Amp X is to unlock flexibility from the edge of the grid at a large scale to help fully decarbonize the energy system.

Smartcar helps integrate and onboard EVs with ease

Smartcar allows software applications to integrate with connected cars through the cloud. The Smartcar platform enables Amp X to provide electric vehicle owners with a seamless smart charging experience across an ever-growing range of EV brands.

With Alice’s autonomous decisions, users can reduce their EV charging costs and carbon footprint. Alice optimizes energy consumption against a number of constraints, while being aware of user preferences and grid needs in real-time. 

“At Smartcar, we are passionate about EV adoption and its influence on the future of mobility,” said Sahas Katta, CEO of Smartcar. “We are excited to partner with Amp X to help EV owners make smarter charging decisions and reduce the strain on today’s electric grid.”

Building the electricity grid of the future

With EVs’ significantly growing impact on energy demand, giving EV owners the tools to optimize their charging will be of the utmost importance to preserve the stability of the grid. Dr. Irene Di Martino, Head of Amp X, said: “Our vision of the future revolves around smart energy solutions that move from automated to autonomous, turning the edge of the grid into the locus of provision of flexibility for the grid.”

“Consumer engagement is a key barrier to demand side-management as a scalable non-wire alternative. The Amp X digital energy assistant will simultaneously cater for consumer preferences and grid needs, delivering demand-side management at a very large scale through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our behind-the-meter technology will allow for optimal energy management and dynamic load shaping in residential, commercial, and industrial premises, enabling cost and carbon savings, though with no adverse impact on the needs and lifestyle of the end users.”

About Smartcar

Founded in 2015, Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility businesses. From auto insurance and car sharing to EV charging and fleet management, businesses of all kinds use Smartcar’s APIs to integrate their apps and services with vehicles. By making it easy to connect to their customers’ cars, Smartcar enables companies to build the future of mobility.

Smartcar has raised $36M to date and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and Energize Ventures. For more information, visit

About Amp X

Amp X is a UK-registered subsidiary of Amp.

Amp develops, owns and operates clean energy assets throughout a number of strategic markets around the world.

Amp X was created to deliver a disruptive grid edge digital platform allowing all forms of distributed generation and load to make a dynamic contribution in the relevant power markets, whether as an individual unit or as an aggregated group of assets, providing flexibility, resilience and system stability at the lowest possible price. Amp X has developed a proprietary smart transformer to address the challenges of the increased presence of Distributed Energy Resources in the distribution network – this will soon be rolled out in the U.K. Amp X has also a Virtual Power Plant solution in commercial operation in North America, and is in the process of commercializing its user-centric energy management system to harness behind-the-meter flexibility at a very large scale.

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